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2011-09-08 00:37build with dietlibc to cut bloatTomas Hlavaty2+43-32
2011-09-06 18:47link to local anchor implementedTomas Hlavaty1+12-0
2011-09-06 18:37renamed text2html to pre2html for uniquenessTomas Hlavaty2+2-2
2011-09-06 18:15implement section anchorTomas Hlavaty1+11-2
2011-09-06 07:22fix c {}Tomas Hlavaty1+1-3
2011-09-06 07:20bold section headers addedTomas Hlavaty1+11-0
2011-09-06 07:20quoting addedTomas Hlavaty1+15-0
2011-09-06 07:19CODE...END div addedTomas Hlavaty1+29-13
2011-09-06 07:14fix head()Tomas Hlavaty1+2-1
2011-09-06 07:14-O2 CFLAGSTomas Hlavaty1+2-0
2011-09-05 21:33initial commitTomas Hlavaty2+86-0